October 2005: The Third Chair Chamber Players perform "Lament."


Hear LAMENT [mp3|11:53]:

Program notes:

It was a great artistic experience working on this composition with TCCP. The players are great, and also great fun to work with. The performances were excellent and the piece was warmly received by over 200 audience members. I am fortunate to have great documentation of the sights and sounds of that week, thanks to Jurgita Vonk, who photographed some of the rehearsal, and Jeff Smith (Nebraska Public Radio Network) who recorded the Sunday performance.


This is the only photo not by Jurgita. She watches the rehearsal in this photo by Peter Vonk. This space is Lincoln's "Loft Above the Mill." It's a fabulous space.


Despite the solemn subject matter of the piece, rehearsals we're a lot of fun.

Note check! Curse you, Finale! Software makes a great scapegoat.


Donna and Tami work out some bowings...

Rusty Banks: guitar, Becky Van de Bogart: alto flute, Donna Carnes: violin, Tami Pederson: violin, Karen Becker: cello, Clark Potter: viola.