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Curved Space (two clarinets)

*Haunted by Waters (clarinet, violin, piano)

Water Above (clarinet, cello, piano, boom boxes)

Water Above [rev.] (clarinet, bassoon, piano, boom boxes)

Dance of the Wallflower (clarinet w/delay)

*Slit (clarinet w/ sound file and processing)

*GlassFireFlower (flute, clarinet, guitar)

Neebur Dot (clarinet, guitar)

*Taxonomy (flute and clarinet)

Electronic Pastuerization (flute, clarinet, bass guitar, spoken word)

Bent Echos (flute, clarinet, guitar, boom boxes)

Long Pine Creek, New Year's Day (flute, clarinet, guitar, boom boxes)

Doubling Fee Concerto (Bb clarinet soloist doubling Eb clarinet, wind ensemble)