S L i T

Stereo realization (Christy Banks, clarinet)

Score (pdf)

Soundfile for HiFi playback

Boombox files (make two CDs of this)

Performance notes (pdf)


Clarinet, Soundfile (HiFi playback), and Boomboxes

One genre of "fringe-pop" I like is often referred to as industrial music.  
This includes "bands" like Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Helios Creed, Meat
Beat Manifesto, and most visibly, Nine Inch Nails.  Industrial music is
characterized by using looped sounds of machine noise, samples of
(typically undesirable) ground noises, and recording techniques such
as clipping (distorting) things other than guitar and the use of purposely
lo-fi sounds.  In Slit, I hope to preserve much of the energy
and intensity of this genre while lending to it more traditional techniques
of craftsmanship like thematic manipulation and imitation.  In live
performances I seek a blurring between the performer and the electronics
by having the clarinet start a sound and the recorded part taking over that
sound and morphing it into a sound not possible on a clarinet. 

                                    ---Rusty Banks