Dance of the Wallflowers

(clarinet with delay)


Here are Christy Banks' program notes for this piece's premiere on Nov. 9, 1999.


By far the newest work on tonight's program, Dance of the Wallflower, by Nebraska composer Rusty Banks (b. 1974), was written last week. The composer says, "As with any dance, there is always a 'wallflower' who feels alone, shy, and just a little bit bitter." The piece, written for clarinet with delay, evokes visions of such a wallflower observing the dance from afar and trying to appear as if s/he is enjoying the evening by moving awkwardly with the music (perhaps a feeble attempt to attract a dance partner). Avid dancers may be able to identify a few quotes from latin ballroom dance tunes.


Delay should be set to echo one
eigth note after the original attack.
The first echo should match the
percieved volume of the first at-
tack. One to several echos may
ocurr given that subsequent echos
are quieter.